Energo Trade is a commodity brokerage company dedicated to provide the highest level of service and discretion. We provide brokerage and trading services in clean oil products, lpg, bitumen and biofuels Med market. We work in synergy with our partners to identify and implement optimal solutions. helping our clients to attain a clear view of the market as it develops.

About Us

Energo Trade is an independent energy brokerage company founded in Tirana in 2014 generating many term and spot contracts in the Med specifically in the Adriatic area. We have a consolidated practice in brokerage, trading, storage terminals and operations in our area and trading more than 3 million MT products in the last 5 years of ulsd, gasoil, gasoline, bitumen, lpg and biodiesel in the Med area. Last year we realized contracts for 700kt of gasoil, gasoline, and  lpg.


  • Providing market info and brokerage services on physical
  • Contract negotiation
  • Covering FOB and CIF markets cargoes
  • Following shipping&operational activities
  • Following operational storage facilities


Europian Trade Center
Bul. Bajram Curri Nr. 12/23
Postal Code: 1001
Tirana, Albania
Email: info@energo-trade.com